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171 runner-up at St. Louis

Posted February 21, 2014

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4 vs 4 winners

Posted January 3, 2014


12' and under category :
Team Tributes

Lia Kolodziej
Kathleen Bula
Jamya Hobson
Khloe Baker

13-14's category :
Team Thunder :

Caroline Brinkley
Lyndsey Smith
Katie Thomas
Kaila Beckwith

14-15-16'category :
Team Intensity:

Simmons Allen
Lilian Fogelman
Lauren Deaton
Gabby Harris

17-18-Coaches category :
Team Boomshakalaka
Katie Paine
Kat Gries
Sara Glassman
Natavia Mitchell

Congratulations and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

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